Artist Statement


I am drawn to the intimacy and urgency photography uniquely offers, that sense of both the quick and the quiet coming together whenever a visual transfers from the human eye to the fantastic limits of the viewfinder. It is only you and the subject, framed in that fleeting, most intimate moment when the click of the shutter button affixes your signature. Yours. Once “signed”, the image is set, vulnerabilities revealed, generosity offered. This is photography, to me.

My photo shoots center mostly around New York City, New Orleans, and New England, where I experience this ‘communion with subject’ most profoundly. Whether close-up or panoramic, in busy, noisy, or tranquil settings, the connection is real and inspirational.

I use a digital camera and am attracted predominantly to deep color, high-contrast, negative space, geometrical patterns, and wide-angle perspectives across urban and natural landscapes. I prefer underexposures for the darker sensibility this offers, the magnitude being critical. I approach the images, post production, as belonging within any of four quadrants: traditional color, traditional b/w, color graphic, and b/w graphic. Every photo is considered for each quadrant; some work well in only one; some in all four. And there are always surprises. Patience offers fresh viewpoints; each photo may emerge in it’s own time – some sooner, some later, all valuable.  I embrace this, letting some simmer awhile, hoping they’ll announce their presence in perhaps an unexpected quadrant.